Friday, March 25, 2011

Should Hard Core Romance Writers Turn to YA?

I know what your thinking . . . well . . . actually I don't, but this is a question I've been thinking about. I just finished reading Firelight by Sophie Jordan. Now if any of you are like me then you didn't know who Sophie was either. I honestly thought Firelight was her first book. Not so. (I would insert a cover of one of her other books but then no one under the age of eighteen would be able to read this blog) She has written Adult Romance. I guess Firelight was her first YA book.

Anyway back to my question. I have read serveral books now that have come highly recommended only to read a book that has an okay plot but really weak character developement. This is so frustrating. Whatever happened to the strong heroine who took her destiny by the balls and told it who was boss? You know the type that wouldn't let someone control her and had the gumption to kiss the guy when he was too stupid to make the first move. These are the type of woman and girls we can look up too.

I read these books and it leaves me wondering when is the change going to happen? When are these characters going to evolve? I hate to be pointing fingers at Romance Writers but this has only happened in books where the author is a Romance Novelist turned YA author. You are writing for teenagers for goodness sake. Give them a Heroine they can look up too. Not some simpering weakling who needs a guy to make her complete. Granted the guy helps. But really there are plenty of strong heroines out there who somehow get an even stronger guy who helps her be better. Am I asking too much in wanting some better character developement?

Whew. Now that is off my chest you can go back to your regular broadcasting. Or you can tell me what you think.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I really did it! At 12 am on Monday night I finished typing my last chapter of my book. Now on to editing. Where to begin. Where to begin. Do you guys have any ideas?