Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's your SoundTrack?

Yesterday I did these award questions and one of them was What's on your Ipod? or something like that so it got me thinking. Do you have a writing sound track? I do. So I'm going to post some of my favorite songs and bands that for some reason get my creative juices flowing. Feel free to use any of mine. First is Nightwish anything before 2006 though. They got a new singer who is awful but here is one of my favorite songs from them. This is Sleeping Sun from their End of an Era album.
Fair warning some of Nightwishes songs are kind of devilie. But there are some good ones.

Next is Adele: Rolling in the Deep. A friend of mine introduced me to this girl and I'm so glad she did.

And last is a band straight out of Denver. They're called the Epilogues: Hunting Season. I love this band and their sound. Every song has a different sound.

I have some many others but these are a few that always seem to get me going. So what are yours? What songs do you use to help your creative juices get flowing or do you need complete silence?

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to these songs.


Debbie Davis said...

I have songs that do that for me too, but I can't listen to them when I am actually writing, because they distract me too much, which is weird since I used to crank my music when I did homework when I was in high school and college. I wonder what happened? Thanks for sharing your songs!!

Canda said...

I love the Adele song and video. The setting alone could inspire a novel.

Brent Wescott said...

Your the second person this week who's recommended The Epilogues. I went looking for some of their music. Do they have an album out? Can you download it?

And Adele's got one of those voices.

I've got too much music to focus on any for a writing soundtrack. Sometimes I think I listen to somethings I own once and then never again.

Building Castles on the Beach

Gail said...

You can download Hunting Season from Itunes. They are working on an album but mostly their just trying to get their music out there.